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2020 Benefits Open Enrollment UHC Presentation

Presentation provided by United Healthcare

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United Healthcare Medical Plans

Medical & Vision Plans At-A-Glance Summary
Medical & Vision Employee Contributions
- Medical/Dental Waiver of Coverage Form 

- Vision Plan Benefit Summary  
- Vision Plan Overview
- Vision Network Providers
- Vision Plan - Contact Lens Selection List

- Your 2020 Prescription Drug List

Insurance Benefits Enrollment Guide
- Insurance FAQ 

Alden Employee Self-Service Portal

Guardian Dental Plans

- Dental Plans Overview for Illinois Locations
- Dental Plans Contributions
- Illinois Dental Benefit Summary

- Dental Plans Overview for Wisconsin Locations
- Dental Plans Contributions 
- Wisconsin Dental Benefit Summary

- Guardian Dental Insurance Presentation 

- Guardian College Tuition Benefit Video
- College Tuition Registration Information
- Participating Colleges

The DENTAL HMO Plan requires a primary care dentist (PCD) number. You can obtain a PCD# by calling your dentist or by going to Guardian's website at

Alden Employee Self-Service Portal

Charter HMO Plan Documents

- Charter HMO - Summary of Benefits

- Charter HMO Plan Summary & Contributions 
- Charter HMO Plan - Rx Pharmacy Plan 

- Charter Adv HMO FAQs
- Three important things to know
- HMO Charter Networks - Chicago Market

Important: Charter Adv HMO Plan requires a primary care physician (PCP) ! 
- Locate your provider - step by step
- Provider Locator search

Alden Employee Self-Service Portal

Life Insurance

- Group Basic Life and AD&D Insurance - 10k
- Group Basic Life and AD&D Insurance - 50k

- Group Life Insurance Program Information 10k
- Group Life Insurance Program Information 50k

- Standard Life Insurance Beneficiary Form 

CDHP HSA Plan Documents

- CDHP Summary of Benefits
CDHP HSA Coverage Details
- CDHP HSA Plan - RX Pharmacy Plan
- Medical HSA Authorization Form 

- HSA Eligible Expenses  
- Paying for your doctor visit with HSA 
HSA Choice Plus FAQ  

Copper PPO Plan Documents

- Copper PPO Summary of Benefits - Family
- Copper PPO Summary of Benefits - Individual

Copper PPO Plan - Individual Coverage
- Copper PPO Plan - Family Coverage
- Copper PPO Plan - RX Pharmacy Plan

Silver PPO Plan Documents

- Silver PPO Summary of Benefits 

- Silver PPO Plan - Individual & Family Coverage

- Silver PPO Plan - RX Pharmacy Plan

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United Healthcare Resources

- Virtual Visit information flyer
- Virtual Visit FAQs
- UnitedHealthcare Healthy Pregnancy app
- UnitedHealth Premium Program info
- How to Enroll for RX Mail Order
- Make Informed Decisions about Your Care
- What to Know about Generic Medications
- Tier 1 Doctors - Money Saving Option

Alden Employee Self-Service Portal

Transamerica Experience

Transamerica 401k Participant Website
Transamerica Health & Wealth Blog

Alden Employee Self-Service Portal

Educational Videos

Join the Plan
Guide to Social Security
Guide to Medicare
Financial Fitness 101

Alden Employee Self-Service Portal

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