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Alden's Wellnes Center
Alden is devoted to helping you reduce stress, achieve balance and restore hope in the face of the tremendous challenges that we are facing. We see this as an essential service for you – our valued team members, residents, patients, and family members.
We will be providing ongoing wellness offerings to help in navigating this trauma-heavy time with self-care techniques that balance body, mind and emotions, and serve as powerful healing antidotes to the fight-or-flight or stress response – all while enhancing immunity, building resilience, and lightening the emotional load that so many of us may be carrying. What we’ll be sharing can also enhance your capacity to connect with others – social solidarity if you will – even in this time of social distancing.

Remember that we are all on this healing journey together - and need each other more than ever - to move forward, thrive, succeed, and live our most purposeful, joyful, best life ever. 

Please visit The Inspired Wellness Groups website to access and view a wide range of important stress management tools and wellness offerings to engage in personally and/or share professionally with team members, patients, residents, family members and community. We are hopeful these tools can inspire and help you through these uncertain times.

Link to The Inspired Wellness Group website:

Wellness Podcast: Pillars of Wellness by Mary Beth Janssen  

May - Mental Health Awarness Month by OPTUM

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Session #1
Journey Into Healing With The Pillars Of Wellness [pdf]

Session #2
Journey Into Healing - Stress Less [pdf]

Session #3
Wellness Session Seated Chair Yoga [pdf]

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